LRS cover many industry sectors including:

Hospitality & Catering

LRS works with hotels, restaurant, bars, clubs and food caterers across Scotland providing refrigeration & air conditioning services.

Office Air Conditioning

LRS works with businesses all over Scotland that use air conditioning in a variety of settings, not just to cool their staff, but some of their equipment too.

Computer and Server Room

LRS provide Computer and Server Room Air Conditioning services for businesses in Scotland who need to keep their servers or server rooms cool.

Facilities Management

LRS work with facility management companies providing refrigeration & air conditioning services on their behalf.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

LRS work with medical & pharmaceutical companies across Scotland providing refrigeration & air conditioning services.


Air-conditioning is an absolute necessity in many factories to counteract the heat generated by machinery and to keep the workforce working comfortably and efficiently. LRS also provide refrigeration and cool room services for industrial premises.

Retail premises

LRS provide refrigeration & air conditioning services to local & high street retailers, with thousands of pounds of stock loss and sales loss at stake, LRS understand that the breakdown of drink and food chillers need dealt with the upmost of urgency.

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